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Protecting yourself from within… think data assurance

The recent cyber attacks have got everyone talking about how to better protect themselves in terms of Windows updates, better software, stronger passwords, etc. You will only get so far with that approach. However, without the correct training, business processes and information governance, people will continue to be relatively blasé about data assurance. They will continue […]


6 tips to get more from your ‘big’ data

I’ve been talking to a lot of clients recently about how to ‘succeed’ with data. Organisations are waking up to the value of the data they have – and the data they didn’t know they had. But, there are still questions about what you should care about and why it’s important. Those clients that seem […]

Data Quality

Data Quality – Let the Battle Commence!

The battle for the control of data has begun and as organisations figure out what to do with all the data moving around inside and outside the company boundaries, is it quality or quantity that you should care about? This can depend on a number of factors, but we believe a key aspect is recognising […]


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