Car Care Plan | Business Simplification


Our client is one of the world’s leading providers of vehicle warranty, GAP, MOT and Tyre insurance products – Car Care Plan (CCP). Keen to stay ahead of their competition they engaged Oakland Consulting to help translate their strategy into action.


The first phase of this project identified the key changes required to simplify a wide range of business processes and secured senior commitment to change, the second phase designed these changes and tested their feasibility, the third phase was to implement a set of improvements that were not reliant on the new IT system and the fourth phase is to implement the new IT system and processes.

The client’s requirement was for an experience based consultancy who could take a light-touch, highly facilitative approach to help align thinking and simplify their business using proven process management and other continuous improvement techniques.


Phase 1: We facilitated a team of business analysts and subject matter experts to identify potential simplifications throughout the business (in Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Underwriting, Actuarial and Compliance). Using proven improvement techniques we designed an approach to assess the issues the business was experiencing, gather and summarise supporting data and to define those issues with recommendations for improvement. We then facilitated a series of workshops to refine those recommendations with the Directors and Senior Managers to obtain buy-in to potential improvements.

Phase 2: We designed an approach to test the feasibility of the improvement recommendations using a “core team” of business analysts and a series of business Subject Matter Experts. Over 70 potential simplifications/improvements (“mini-projects”) were identified. Work plans were created for the implementation of around 30 system independent simplifications. In parallel detailed requirements were developed for the systems dependent simplifications and the replacement IT system.

Phase 3: We project managed the system independent workstream until a series of quick wins had been achieved (e.g. rationalisation of several major paper flows) and then transitioned skills and responsibility to the business for this area. At the same time we facilitated a series of activities leading to the vendor selection for the IT replacement.

Phase 4 (current): Oakland are leading the Organisational Change Management workstream to conduct an impact analysis process to identify and manage the impact of the new system and related changes. This will involve facilitating any key changes that the organisation will need to adapt to, while ensuring the highest service levels for customers, and creating transition plans to achieve this. We are also responsible for elements of programme management and delivering the project communications strategy.


Phase 1: Over 70 simplifications/improvements identified and agreed with executives.

Phase 2: All simplifications feasibility tested in detail with the business, implementation plans and/or new system requirements developed.

Phase 3: Implemented 30 simplification “mini-projects”, other simplifications are dependent on the new IT system. Systems Integrator & Software vendor selected.

The simplifications include: significantly reducing product complexity and pricing making products easier for their customers to understand and simpler for CCP to administrate; eliminating unnecessary paper flows and introducing a new settlement approach for claims which will result in much quicker payment and reduced rework from reconciliation.

Using their experience in business improvement Oakland:

  • Created a repeatable process for identifying and defining business simplifications
  • Achieved excellent levels of buy-in/engagement with the business
  • Developed and established a process for product governance
  • Developed an interactive “smart-guide” to communicate the details of simplifications across the business
  • Developed an approach to managing organisational change
  • Assisted in project planning, design, requirements definition and vendor selection

In an interim performance review the client has rated their likelihood to recommend Oakland as “very likely” and their satisfaction with the service they have received as “very satisfied”.