Outsourced Contract Provider : operational turnround

This outsourcing company had won a major government contract to deliver support services. The targets were challenging and the company could not see a way to meet contractual requirements.

Oakland made clear the connections between the key performance indicators and the underlying business processes. We then worked with the delivery teams to focus them in the right areas, and to make the multitude of small changes that were necessary. These changes quickly came together to hit the targets within six weeks and sustain that performance over the following 12 months.

Our client needed help tackling issues that were costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds in liquidated damages.

Oakland was recommended by a former client and Oakland Partner Rod Scott set up an initial team of two people.  He said:  “The client expected us to throw lots of resources at the problem, but what we needed was to work with the front line staff and managers so they understood the issues with us and, as a team, we could get things changed quickly.  It was highly effective and efficient.”

It was really important to create good team spirit.  Rod added:  “We joined management and staff meetings, went out with front line staff, even brought in cakes on a Friday!”

“It made it easier to challenge embedded assumptions because the client trusted us and we helped them to see how to make the new way work.”