Richard Corderoy

Richard works with regulated or complex organisations which are at risk of missing key performance targets, damaging their reputation and incurring penalties.  He has a track record of being able quickly to identify the critical issues, bring together teams and help managers develop effective and pragmatic solutions before regulators and customers lose faith.

He works in a wide range of sectors including financial service, utilities and transport.  Other examples of where he adds value include:

  • Building relationships with senior teams to understand the reality and underlying issues of their business and bringing these to life in a meaningful way
  • Facilitating the process to align the needs of the customer with the broader aspirations of the management team
  • Using tools in a proper and proportional way – the tools should not be an end in itself. The use of established process improvement techniques/philosophies to develop objective plans that are based on fact, not opinion
  • Developing the skills and capability of management teams to ensure improvements are sustained long after a project has finished

Richard has a first in engineering from Cambridge and spent his early career in the Royal Navy in combat systems on submarines before moving into consultancy.

He spent three years with HBOS/Lloyds.  Richard was head of strategy for retail customer experience – developing the strategy, plans and culture change programme to transform the customer experience across three retail brands which improved customer service and reduced complaints – and then became Director of risk transformation, leading a strategic review for risk management across the group.

He is co-author of Performance Management – Talking the Language of the Board, published by the CQI in Quality World, 2014.


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