Are you ready for ISO 9001:2015?

by Mike Turner

Recently, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF ) passed a resolution to the effect that all ISO 9001 recertification and surveillance audits carried out after 15th March 2018 must be to the new standard.

For some businesses this is mission critical and it cannot be taken too lightly. The differences between the currently live 2008 version and the new 2015 version are significant and auditors are toughening up.

Significant changes in ISO 9001:2015

Our interpretation of the new standard and our experience in working with it  highlights significant differences between the old and new standard:

  • Standards for the quality management system are less prescribed – you must demonstrate that your system fits your business strategy, requiring you to have a quality strategy that makes sense
  • Leaders must demonstrate commitment and not just involvement – your business leaders will need to show evidence of active engagement in managing quality
  • Process management is no longer an option – you must prove that it is at the heart of your business
  • Risk must be actively managed and not an add-on to the business
  • You must show evidence of improvement – not just continuous improvement but breakthrough or reactive change, where the business context demands it
  • There is a greater emphasis on Services – the service industry is subject to the same demands as were applicable to products

What next?

Auditors have been trained to dig deep into the DNA of your company and failures to achieve registration are occurring.

But the flip side is that companies are landing new contracts as a result of early adoption, and with Brexit looming, some organisations may find that possessing an international standard opens the door to new and necessary market opportunities.

There is still time to act. Oakland has in-depth skills and expertise necessary to help you successfully achieve the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, and to get the business benefit that this will deliver. Read more here.

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