Contract Services and Outsourcing

How we've helped our Contract Service and Outsourcing clients


Oakland have worked with various contract service and outsourcing organisations, who have looked to get more value from their contracts. This has resulted in programmes where we have:

  • Designed and deployed operating models
  • Created continuous improvement strategies for rapid turnaround
  • Developed operational excellence models for contract and supply chain wide adoption
  • Delivered assurance frameworks to provide greater clarity on supply chain performance against contractual obligations

Our engagements will often cover the full range of change enablers, such as process, people and technology, where we can bring to bare our range of experience of delivering complex change. Oakland's approach to Quality underpins this, by helping to ensure our clients are properly prepared for the 'business as usual' state and are able to continue to drive improvements on their own.

Some of our achievements include:

  • Achieving rapid turnaround of poor performance, resulting in over £3m of savings
  • Design and introduction of mobile working, leading to a more efficient and resilient field workforce
  • Improving the performance of underperforming areas in the criminal justice system

Our contract services and outsourcing expert

Rod ScottPartner

The savings of the projects after 12 months are estimated at six times the initial investment (excluding future savings), which is an outstanding result. Such a success would not have been possible without your expertise, professionalism and availability.

Laurent Troquet

Quality Director


Case Studies

Outsourced Contract Provider : operational turnround

Our client needed help tackling issues that were costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds in liquidated damages. We worked with the delivery teams to focus them in the right areas, and to make the multitude of small changes that were necessary. These changes quickly came together to hit the targets within six weeks and sustain that performance over the following 12 months.

North Tyneside Council | Business Transformation

Oakland’s focus included the following elements of the wider transformation programme: Leading the specification and procurement of a corporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; Conducting end to end process reviews of key processes across the breadth of council services with a view to re-engineering processes, transforming service delivery and maximising the benefit of the technology implementation; Up-skilling council staff in the tools and techniques for process re-engineering to allow efficiency improvements to be implemented across all services in a cost effective manner on an ongoing basis.

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