Experts in quality and operational excellence

Oakland has been serving clients for over 30 years.  Over that time we have completed a huge range of assignments and worked most sectors.  What has remained consistent, is our focus on Quality and Operational Excellence. That focus is evidenced in our Quality strategy and deployment offering - developing business and quality strategy, managing and assuring business risk, and finally finding ways to manage and sustain the delivery of change.

We have helped many of our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.  We are Reinventing Operational Excellence with the development of Advance Service Quality Planning (ASQP™), taking our experience of operational improvement from manufacturing to the service sector.

We have led the quality world throughout this time, and by combining models, tools and techniques with our experience, we can offer a unique blend of theory with practical real world expertise, that delivers sustainable results for our clients.

We are passionate about keeping our approach relevant and our offer of Information Quality Engineering bridges the gap between the opportunities offered by the information age and the need to integrate with ‘real world’ organisations.

Our Research and Education service, delivered by the Oakland Institute, has taken both Quality and Operational Excellence training into some of the largest organisations across Europe.  We are particularity proud of our executive and leadership programmes.