Quality Improvement Consultancy Service

Oakland has over 30 years experience developing cutting edge services

Oakland Consulting has been a world-leading provider of quality and operations excellence consulting services for over 30 years – working in complex, international environments, addressing conflicting internal and external stakeholder requirements across multi-functional, multi-sited organisations.

Oakland’s core offerings include:


Setting Direction – Supporting management teams through a fact based, yet pragmatic, decision making process – focusing on how to develop and deploy Business and Quality Strategy.
Planning for Quality – Getting it right – first time. Quality Planning acts as the agenda to ensure that all key activities are consistently delivered right first time, every time, by setting the direction, planning it, and making it a reality through to deployment
Delivering Operational Excellence – Our experience tells us that clients can improve the three aspects of operational performance – Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) – simultaneously, by pursuing the right Operational Excellence strategy.
Recovering Products and Services – Helping clients to understand the impact of extending warranty periods, measure and reducing reliability risk and respond to failure when it does occur.
Building Skills and Capability – We help to build skills and capability in our clients.  As the world moves from cost reduction to product and service quality, organisations are increasingly wanting to ensure their entire workforce is equipped to deliver continuous improvement and embed a culture of quality.
Managing Risk and Assurance – Building confidence through frameworks which give clients the confidence that they not only capture the right risks, but also attribute them to the right areas of the business and can manage them properly
Managing Business and People Change – Resolving the hidden agenda and sustaining change

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