Production Fit

Are any of these questions on your mind?

  • I’ve opened a factory in an emerging country but I’m worrying about the inherent risks? How can I get the plant to full targeted production?
  • Where is my greatest risk in our multi-site global operations? My heatmap/league table is telling me one thing but the figures don’t fit with my gut feel. How can I drive improvement in my worst performing units?
  • I’m worried about the quality of some of my suppliers, could we be at risk?

Peace of mind

Our Production Fit service is an independent, verified and pragmatic approach employing a battery of proven best-practice tools that solve a world of real product and production problems.

  • Stop shipping failure - expose weaknesses fast

Contain issues by deploying firewalls and addressing live customer issues.

  • Stop producing failure - targeted production improvement

Align your team around a no-nonsense plan to strengthen your manufacturing operation

  • Sustain gains - set-by-step plan to full fitness

Bridge the gap from conception to customer delivery, combining established techniques, e.g. APQP, with advanced analysis and modelling to place manufacturing at the heart of the business.



3 quick win projects in first 100 days produced $3m USD savings

We helped a global consumer and industrial products manufacturer to stop lagging the market in technical leadership. They are launching new products at better quality at unprecedented rates. Our Production Fit service created a focus and discipline to improve the whole process to introduce new products. There is a now a momentum for improvement, with 4 initiatives improving processes, staff engagement, communication and skills levels.


Unplanned downtime reduced from 16.5% to 6.5% in 4 months

A global Pharma contract manufacturer used us to increase plant reliability so that the business could grow. Our Production Fit method is now the permanent way the client does improvement work, mainly due to the staff training we included in our project.


Non-conformities per product reduced from 14 to 3 in 4 months

Our Production Fit service was essential in reducing warranty claims for a global provider of industrial equipment that wanted to grow a larger range of its products. Increasing quality problems were threatening those growth ambitions.  Our Firewall tools stopped shipping problems to customers and our use of APQP stopped ongoing manufacturing problems.


Improvements which follow Production Fit usually deliver a ROI of 15 : 1

What next?

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The savings of the projects after 12 months are estimated at six times the initial investment (excluding future savings), which is an outstanding result. Such a success would not have been possible without your expertise, professionalism and availability.

Laurent Troquet

Quality Director


Case Studies

Complex global manufacturer: Improving the introduction of new products

The repeated failure of new product introductions had started to threaten the organisation’s reputation which, in turn, was putting their growth plans at risk. Oakland was commissioned to assess the current level of quality maturity across the entire organisation and then support company-wide improvement activity.

Industrial equipment manufacturer: Recovering from early life product failures

The client has a strategic ambition to grow a larger range of its products. The design envelope of these products has been stretched and therefore they experience more quality issues than the smaller product ranges. Oakland were asked to initially assess the way quality is managed across the business, and then implement a programme to transform quality performance, to enable the desired growth and reduce the total cost of quality.

Outsourced Contract Provider : operational turnround

Our client needed help tackling issues that were costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds in liquidated damages. We worked with the delivery teams to focus them in the right areas, and to make the multitude of small changes that were necessary. These changes quickly came together to hit the targets within six weeks and sustain that performance over the following 12 months.