Smart Meter 2020

The  SMART Meter 2020 programme represents a significant challenge for the UK Energy Supply  Market.

The long-term benefits are still being understood.  SMART Meters could transform the way customers use energy, how they are supplied and on what tariff terms.  In the short-term, programmes are dominated by the technical and logistical challenge of fitting millions of advanced meters. There is also the challenge of re-engineering the supporting processes in an environment of considerable uncertainty.

Failure to get this right will result in costly rework, customer complaints and unwelcome regulatory and media attention.

There is little doubt that retailers will be under fierce scrutiny from the Regulator, BEIS, media shareholders and customers. All of them will be seeking reassurance that the benefits of the Smart Meter programme are delivered. But it may prove harder to deliver the potential upsides that avoid the potential pitfalls…


How we can help

Oakland works with all those engaged in the programme to de-risk the whole transition process.  We work across the entire customer journey (rather than narrowly within meter installation functions) and:

  • Assess the criticality of each element within the value chain – what are the elements that simply have to be got right?
  • Quantify the likely failure rates and the consequential impact on the whole system reliability using advanced design techniques drawn from complex engineering environments
  • Use highly targeted interventions to resolve issues that will impact customer service and profitability

The approach is more effective that traditional programme reviews that are bound by the scope of the current activity.  Also, our outputs help ‘bridge the gap’ between technical delivery and the real-world business processes. By understanding and focusing on potential key points of failure, organisations can then ‘shift left’ in their thinking.

Our white paper explores this approach.