Plan for Quality

Getting it right - first time

Quality Planning acts as the agenda to ensure that all key activities are consistently delivered right first time, every time, by setting the direction, planning it, and making it a reality through to deployment.

  • Introducing New Products – Ensuring the entire value chain is fully prepared for the introduction through the application of APQP and ASQP™ thinking
  • Operating Effectively with Partners and Suppliers – Understanding the advantages of joint performance measurement with partners, how to track it and what to do when it goes wrong
  • Formulating a Credible Assurance Framework – Developing frameworks that are clear, transparent and easily understood to assure contractual obligations across the value chain are met
  • Implementing a Risk Awareness Culture – Raising risk awareness using training workshops targeting key activities throughout the value chain

We support organisations seeking ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, taking them through a health check, implementation of new operating standards and support to maintain accreditation. For more information click the link below.

Formulating a Credible Assurance Framework

Engaging the Suppliers and Stakeholders and jointly agreeing methods of measuring performance

Implementing a Risk Awareness Culture

Raising risk awareness using training workshops targeting key activities throughout the value chain

Introducing New Products

Developing a structured plan using tried and tested tools, techniques and modelling based on credible research

Understanding and Deploying Customer Requirements

Working with all levels of the organisation from senior team to front-line staff so they understand the issues and the part they play to meeting the requirements

Operating Effectively with Partners and Suppliers

Helping organisations have an understanding between partners and introduce focused improvement programmes to aid good communication between stakeholders

Heathrow is one of the most intensively used airports in the world.  How we manage asset development projects is a critical factor in keeping Heathrow open and people moving.  Oakland Consulting helped us develop a project management process that ensured consistency and clear accountability across all our projects.  They asked penetrating questions that got to the heart of issues, were great at facilitating discussions and brought everyone with them.

David Myers

Head of Quality

Heathrow Development

Case Studies

Heathrow Infrastructure Development

Heathrow Development is responsible for the airport’s infrastructure programmes, running large numbers of complex projects and wanted consistency and accountability. Oakland worked with the project teams to identify critical success factors, agree guidelines for all projects and get the buy-in of junior and senior managers to use them, achieving the consistency and accountability needed.

ABB: Quality Transformation

Oakland was engaged to help create a global quality and operational excellence programme across ABB. We worked with senior management to agree the strategic direction, objectives and efficiency targets for the programme along with building the supporting infrastructure across the world.

Maturity Assessment of a Group Function - TFL

We worked with TFL's Commercial Centre of Excellence to monitor and improve organisational maturity – based on the EFQM model. The project involved customising Oakland’s existing organisation maturity assessment tool, engaging the broader commercial team. introducing the approach to ensure all stakeholders understood and bought in to the assessment, and then perform the initial assessment.