Developing Capability & Leading Thinking

As the world moves from cost reduction to product and service quality, organisations are increasingly wanting to ensure their entire workforce is equipped to deliver continuous improvement and embed a culture of quality.

We help to build skills and capability in our clients, covering four distinct capability areas:

  • Applied Quality Tools and Principles

  • Performance Improvement and Operational Excellence

  • Quality Strategy and Leadership

  • Coaching and Mentoring

Many of our Skills and Capability Development courses are accredited with various industry and professional bodies.

The Oakland Institute (our research and education division) also ensures we continue to deploy leading-edge practices, with a sound academic grounding and strong alliances at leading Universities across the world. We can therefore offer training certification available through the Oakland Institute.

When a client has a skills shortage in quality management we are able to provide interim support. Using our network of quality professionals with experience from shop floor to senior management we are able to bridge the gap.  For further details on our Interim Quality Manager Support click the lick below.

Build Skills and Capability

We design, build and implement programmes that are designed to improve the skills, capabilities and awareness of quality and operational excellence principles in your organisation.


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