Build Skills and Capability

We provide enterprise-level capability and skills development.

We design, build and implement programmes that are designed to improve the skills, capabilities and awareness of quality and operational excellence principles in your organisation.

We can provide CPD-based courses and training that are approved by the quality profession. We combine best of breed approaches and content, with state of the art technologies to give you the best combination of training packages. With our platform partner, CloudTrainer, we are able to deliver blended learning, on a global scale.

Our core skills and development programmes are designed around the cornerstones of the quality profession:

  • Governance
  • Assurance
  • Improvement
  • Leadership

We work with the leadership team through to the shop floor to ensure the packages are designed to make the most impact, and as quickly as possible.

We can also deliver specific courses for particular needs, e.g.

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt
  • Digital Leadership

Over the last 30 years we have trained XXX people across XXX countries for XXX organisations.  Our clients tell us our training has supported £XXX in real-world benefits.


Executive Quality Awareness/Campaigns

Improve the way quality is perceived, owned and managed across the business

Quality Leader Development

Build the capability to lead and deliver quality in the 21st Century

Industry and/or Function Specific Development

Promote and encourage the use of good quality tools & practices

Internal Skills Development

Establish internal quality and OPEX champions to accelerate change

Quality and Operational Improvement

Embed structured approaches to deliver improvements in performance

Oakland trained 6,000 of our employees in Six Sigma black belt to build global value.  We are already seeing savings of €200m a year, but that is just the beginning.  



Case Studies

Transport for London: London Underground - Interim Head of Quality

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Airbus: Capability Development

Airbus has worked in partnership with Oakland for more than a decade.  The aim was to equip Airbus people with the skills and knowledge to improve On Quality, On Time and On Cost performance, so as to enhance their reputation as a global leader in the aerospace industry.

EADS: Six Sigma Improvement

We devised a training programme to include learning sessions built around projects that deliver improvements in On-Time, On-Quality Delivery (OTOQD) and auditable business benefits of at least €150k per project. Oakland consultants were also tasked with delivering the learning sessions and providing coaching for the participants, including was an “Executive Black Belt” (ExBB) programme.

ABB: Quality & Operational Excellence

Oakland was assigned to support the mobilization of the ABB Operational Excellence Programme and develop the necessary internal capabilities and programme infrastructure ready for global deployment, in timescales that supported the achievement of the 2010 improvement targets.

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