Information Assurance

Leading businesses now demand that their teams can prove their data is trustworthy.  Poor quality data drives:

  • security and compliance issues;
  • inaccurate invoicing and poor customer service;
  • expensive customer queries, potentially bad publicity with risk to reputation;
  • visually impressive but flawed analysis;
  • poor decision making.

This becomes the building block for creating skills, processes and policies for a secure digital future that produces real results for their organisation.

It is possible to accurately and quantitatively assess and therefore assure the quality of information in an organisation.  Oakland uses sophisticated analytical techniques and machine learning to replace the assurance of audit and sampling methods of the past. We call it the Data Quality Platform™.

The Data Quality Platform™ blends sophisticated software tools and 30 years' of quality assurance and process improvement experience. The results are a simple quality score for the entire data set.  The score highlights the highest risk areas and guides where process improvements should be focused.

The way forward then is to:

  • monitor the quality of new information being added;
  • inform improvement activity, and;
  • objectively justify the organisation’s trust in specific aspects of the data (e.g. regulatory reporting).


Build real quality into your data and give yourself and your stakeholders the assurance you need. Give yourself not only the ability to trust your data but also to prove it!

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