Smart Meters need a quality check – new article

by Oakland

Adrian Cook and Steve Blackwell have recently published an article on Smart Meters.  The article is featured in New Power, the specialist report for anyone with an interest in the UK energy industry. The authors focus the reader on the current programme to roll out smart meters across the UK. You may have had one installed in your home and already use the handy reader device to monitor your power use..  Or, you may have seen the many TV adverts being run across the country to convince consumers of the benefits of having a smart meter.  As we enter the world of smart grids, connected homes, etc. the next 10 years will see more change in the energy industry than in the previous 50.  Adrian and Steve argue that the programme should take a “quality check” if  the likelihood of success is to improve.

The article in New Power follows on the back of our recent White Paper on the Smart Meter Programme, available here.

Take a “smart ” Quality check

Adrian and Steve propose 3 checks are necessary:

  • pinpoint the known and potential costs of failure. It will be possible to prioritise interventions and changes to mitigate those failures;
  • design services before launch. It’s cheaper than fixing a process later;
  • take a holistic view of the whole customer service system including governance and support systems.

Now is the time for a quality check. Although many pundits bemoan the “disastrous rollout”, in fact things are becoming clearer.  By taking a little time to focus on potential key points of failure, organisations can avoid a lot of future cost.  This means investing more in design, control and testing at the outset, rather than paying later to put things right.

A full copy of the article can be obtained by clicking on the link below.